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Starting May 3rd,  2022


A 3 Week Online Seminar with Bestselling Author and Spiritual Teacher Michael J. Roads


It is obvious to everyone that we are going through a human crisis. To be correct, for some it is most definitely a crisis, while for many it is a time of transition.

And then there are those for whom it is a deep and powerful spiritual awakening.

This so-called crisis is all about consciousness and creation. We long ago created a way of life based on illusion, falsity, and the pursuit of material gain. This was called success! Now, however, it is becoming obvious to those who are awakening that the old template of humanity is seriously flawed. Not bad or wrong, but flawed. And it is we who have to fix it!

We are now in the process of creating a new paradigm. We have to consciously create it and enter it.

So please, join me in this 3 week 6 module exploration of the deep metaphysical cause behind all this, the ever-growing effect, and the aware and conscious solution that we need to bring into our lives . . . individually and collectively.

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How to Communicate Directly with the Natural World.

When Alice stepped through the looking glass she stepped into a world of fantasy. When and if you step through the looking glass, a World of a Greater Reality is awaiting; and long has it waited. This webinar is about learning how to communicate with Nature. With the trees, the rocks and mountains, with the rivers and waterfalls, with the moss and the falling leaves. We are deaf to the silence of Nature, deafened by the thunder of our own, non-stop mental barrage. It is time to open our physical senses in a far more refined way, as we reach toward the opening of our deeper metaphysical perception. I will expect you to do a bit of homework in this webinar! As always, spontaneity is the key to the newness within these webinars.


There is NO Such Thing as ‘Accidentally’ Meeting or Relating with Anyone.

For most of our whole lives we are living within relationships. From the shop assistants we fleetingly engage with to the lasting depth of close friends, we are always within relationships. The deepest however, and the most neglected, is the permanent relationship with self. This involves both self, the identity and Self the soul. It is when we relate to Self on a soul level that our relationships, whether fleeting or deep, powerfully affect the other persons life. As always, spontaneity is the key to the newness within these webinars.


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