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"I am known as a Modern Mystic . . .

Over many years I have gained a wealth of metaphysical experiences which offer me the most extraordinary insights into life. As a spiritual teacher I have devised many inner exercises which allow people to experience the interconnectedness of All life, bridging the illusion of separation between our inner and outer worlds. I offer people the ability to maintain a state of inner peace and freedom, regardless of the situations and circumstances of their lives. Yes . . . this is possible!

All is possible within the power of unconditional Love. I have the consciousness and ability to empower people, thus assisting them in remembering and reconnecting with their own Divine potential. When certain universal principles of Truth become an aspect of your life, the extraordinary becomes really quite ordinary. Aeons ago, we settled for life in the illusion. I will teach you the way out. I have spent five decades exploring the higher realms of consciousness. It is time for your outdated and outmoded personal world reality to give way to the higher potential of a far Greater Reality."

"Welcome to my world!

I Love what I do, which is why I am good at it. I live what I teach, and teach what I live; this is important to me. If I embody inner growth, then I can teach it. Instead of simply saying words, I am consciously sharing energy. And, as I have stated, I teach a way to live that works. I no longer experience fear, anxiety, worry, stress, anger, blame, self-criticism or any judgement. It works for me and it will work for you!"


Your subscription to Michael Roads Teachings includes . . .

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and on top of that you get access to the library of all recorded teachings:

"This is the result of my ten years of collecting my own inspired aphorisms to share with you. An aphorism is a ‘brief pithy adage of wisdom’. If you read the email each day, you will have a regular empowering focus. Sometimes you will find the daily reading was exactly what you needed for that day, often times it will generate new insight into an old problem. Truly . . . is there ever a day in life when insight and wisdom are in no way needed? If you would like the whole collection under one cover, they are available as the book, Insights of a Modern Mystic."



"In a range of 3 minute video’s I share a few of my life’s deeper insights to act as a trigger, or catalyst for you to see deeper into your own innate wisdom."



"In 15 minute videos I reflect on a wide range of subjects that could powerfully and positively affect your day to day living. New videos will be added on a weekly basis."

Healing Humanity Meditation

"The Healing Humanity Meditations are designed to raise the whole human energy-field, our consciousness, our frequency. This monthly meditation will be spontaneous — me, in the moment! For me, it is about all of us connecting in energy. Humanity is out of balance, which means the world is out of balance. As we help bring humanity into balance, so we affect the world . . . and Nature. And we — along with other people and groups doing it their own way — can achieve this. The energy/frequency is rising. We have the ability to harness this energy and raise the whole human consciousness. Love should be our constant focus . . . not fear!"

Latest Publications

An introduction by Michael to his latest publications. As a subscriber you will be able to download his latest three books as a PDF file (Portable Document Format).  This PDF file can either be read on your computer or printed out for spiral binding. 

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Every 3rd Sunday (5 pm Brisbane time) of the month Michael and Carolyn will be live via a Zoom Meeting to answer your questions.
In addition subscribers of 'Michael Roads Teachings' have exclusive access every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 5 pm Brisbane time to a live Zoom webinar with Michael.

An opportunity to connect live with Michael and Carolyn!

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