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Michael about The Great Awakening . . .

"The most common question about any seminar is, 'What’s in it for me?' I do not like this question. It has a poor vibe and a low energy. A better question would be, “How can this inspire me to my greater potential?” This is the question that I will answer.

I am a spiritual teacher. I am not an intellectual online advisor, nor am I an explainer of spiritual techniques; this is all short term stuff. This means that I will do my best to teach you who you are and how to reach your spiritual potential. Be very clear, neither I nor anyone else can do this for you. There is no intellectual path to spiritual enlightenment. However, you can be an intellectual person and become spiritually enlightened . . . but it will not come from intellectual knowledge!

My preference, by far, is to be physically present before large groups where I can engage the energy-field of the participants. Most people who conduct online seminars are purveyors of knowledge, and this certainly has a valuable place, but unrealised by so many, knowledge has a use-by date. Knowledge also changes as it travels from one person to another, easily becoming distorted and contaminated.

I teach people who are sincere in their need to consciously connect with their spirituality. This conscious connection is the key. Being conscious is the key to leaving the subconscious illusions of life and engaging a greater reality. In my 5-day off-line events people do not come and go during a teaching, nor do they converse with each other. They give me their full attention while I am teaching. It seems to me that with online seminars many people get distracted, come and go during the event, talk with other people during the discourses, and then wonder why they did not get much out of it.

This insincere non-engagement does not work. I know how life works. I do not ’think' I know, I know that I know. If you think this approach is arrogant, or will not work for you, so be it. I am not about to reduce or change my consciousness and be online just to please such people.

I am sincere in my teachings, and I present a superb online experience . . . but I need the same undertaking from all those who engage with me. I need your commitment, your engagement . . . and if you live what I teach it will transform your life.

You and I are special people. Why? Because we are dedicated to growing in consciousness. Most people are not. There are people who are committed to their spirituality, and there are spiritual tourists. You and I know which type achieves the greatest results. I have humour, I laugh a lot, I have fun, but I am totally committed to the creative evolution of the individual human consciousness.

I invite you to be part of this. I invite you to be more of who you are, rather than more of who you are not!"

In Love and Light . . . Michael J. Roads

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Or 3 installments of US$135 each

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Or 3 installments of U$135 each


Course Outline

Block 1: Welcome . . . About me . . . Who are we? The physical and ‘metaphysical.’

This will be about the basics, although what is basic to me, for many  will be new territory! I will introduce myself, with a brief background of my spiritual history. I will also describe who we are as physical and metaphysical Beings, and the deeper implications of this.

Module 1: 

What does it mean to be human? Exploring human consciousness.

The way we live offers us a mere fraction of our full potential as humans. We live dominated by our left-brain and our subconscious programme. To live consciously is to live with intelligence, rather than subconsciously with the intellect. This is all fully explained.

Module 2:  

Explaining the chakras and their connections.

I will explain the twelve chakras that are essential to our life and living. I will also explain what I describe as ‘inner-exercise’ which are designed to stimulate the chakras and thus our growth as conscious Beings.

Inner exercise: Experiencing your chakras and your Light body.

Block 2: How we can heal our selves

The second week looks at our ability to heal ourselves of our various ailments. Even better, it offers a way of living where we maintain good health and vigour far into our more mature years. I call this, awakening your latent potential.

Module 3: May 25th - 4PM, for approximately 1.5 hours

Our thoughts and emotions create our lives.

This is where we look at the way our emotions and thoughts interplay to create either sickness or health. Generally speaking, people have no idea of the powerhouse that is their emotions, or that thoughts precede emotions!

Module 4: May 27th - 4PM, for approximately 1.5 hours

Looking at our current turmoil.

This is where I discuss our current global chaos; it’s ‘real’ cause, and how to not only survive this turmoil, but to spiritually grow and thrive. Nothing is by accident, nothing by chance. We are at a rare crossroads of life . . . more of the same - or Newness.

Inner exercise: Powerful emotional and mental healing.

Block 3: Questions and Answers Session

Block 4: Living from Abundance

This week we discuss living with abundance. Both poverty and abundance are different states of consciousness, and not so very far apart!

I will explain this all in great detail, and how to create ‘real’ abundance consciousness.

Module 5: 

The inner child . . . traumatised or unscathed.

Our child-self is programmed by our parents, and unrealised it continues far into our adult life. We need newness, not programmes. “I can’t afford’ means poverty, while “Plenty more where this comes from” creates abundance.

Module 6: 

Shadow self and Light self; how this relates to daily life

We have a shadow-self and a Light-self. We have the ability to focus. Where we focus our energy flows, and connects, and creates. Learn the deeper  metaphysical meaning behind all this.

Inner exercise: Healing the inner child.

Block 5: Fulfilled relationships

This is the week we discuss relationships. No relationship is more important than your relationship with Self/self. In our current times, many stable relationships are breaking down. We will look at why.

Module 7: 

Communication - commitment - consideration.

Part of any successful relationship are the three C’s: Communication - Commitment - Consideration. You would be surprised how often they are neglected, or totally ignored.

Module 8: 

Chaos, Order and Balance . . . clusters

Now we are going much deeper. I will discuss and explain the fundamental principles that govern all life: Chaos, the engine that drives. Order, the stability of structure. Balance, the place of highest potential. I will also explain ‘clustering’ what this is and what it means. It involves everyone!

Inner exercise: The Heart House.

Block 6: Questions and Answers Session

Block 7: An Overall Cosmic Picture

Here I will explain the overall cosmic picture of humanity, where we have come from and where we are heading. We are far more than we realise.

Module 9: 

The Evolution of human consciousness

This week I will discuss the evolution of consciousness on Earth via humanity and Nature. I will also look at how linear time and spherical time fits into the overall picture of our lives as physical and metaphysical Beings

Module 10: 

Time, life and the human cycle 

This is about the ‘real’ meaning of life. It involves time, life, and the endless cycles of our reincarnations. This is mostly misunderstood and underrated.

I also discuss how to end the habit of life/soul destroying fear.

Inner exercise: Letting go of your lifelong burdens.

Block 8: The aspects of a Greater Reality

In this last week I will be discussing all the aspects of a Greater Reality. As metaphysical Beings, this is our birthright; this is the place of our sovereignty. For many people, a mundane and/or mediocre reality prevails.

Module 11: 

Spiritual enlightenment and unconditional Love

I will explain the state of spiritual enlightenment and unconditional Love. This is an aspect of a greater reality . . . and also our birthright.

Module 12: 

How you can transform your life

In this last session I will explain how you can transform your life completely. This is not a technique. Techniques are rather like candles in the dark! What I teach is based in the universal principles that apply to sentient Beings. And it works . . . so long as you live it.

Inner exercise: A powerful self-healing exercise.

Block 9: Questions and Answers Session

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Book Your Seat Now For A One-Time Investment Of Just US$397
Or 3 installments of US$135 each

Is this for you?

Then join us on this beautiful joruney

Then go ahead book your seat for a one-time investment of just US$397
Or 3 installments of US$135 each

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